Purchasing Property for Wild Boar or Wild Children

Yesterday I was going for a drive and listening to music when I decided to pull into a truck dealership in Florida after seeing a great looking truck for sale. I really don’t need a new truck, but every once in a while you have to spoil yourself. It turns out that the price wasn’t attractive enough for me to pounce, which was fine with me. But I gained something much larger than a new truck yesterday. I met the salesman, who recognized me from American Hoggers, and he made a phone call to a friend who is interested in selling a large piece of land that is full of wild boar and other Florida game.

When considering the purchase of hunting/recreational land, I like to consider the amount of huntable acres available to me. Say you are looking at a 500 acre piece of property, but there is about 125 acres of pasture and 50 acres of combined frontage area. So it leaves you with 325 huntable acres. I hate paying taxes on that other 175 acres of land that I wish I could use for hunting but I can’t and I don’t. Another important factor to consider when buying that hunting property is access. You need the ability to move around the property with minimal impact on game and property.

There is a list of factors that should be considered when deciding whether or not to purchase that plot of hunting land. Location should be somewhere near the top of your list. Farm vs timber land, neighbors, mountain range, utility access, soil types, etc. are all important factors to consider. It is important to really decide on the size of property that you are looking for. How much money do you want to invest in this property? Have you spoke to a banker about a loan? Do you want to work with a realtor? What else is included with the purchase of the property? Gates? Livestock panels? Portable sheds or outbuildings? Equipment?

I’ll go and check out the property early next week. I haven’t spoke to the seller yet, I’m still going through the questions I have for him in my head. But I don’t want to jump the gun, and figure I’ll save myself a lot of time and energy by putting the thought on the backburner for a couple of days until I actually go out there. Luckily for me the property is only about 20 miles away from my usual stomping grounds. Hopefully it will be as nice as was described, as I would love to find a new place to hunt hogs and my kids would probably like to explore a new piece of land also.


Volunteering for Youth Hunting Program of Florida

The Youth Hunting Program of Florida was established to increase the number of youth involved in educational, safe, mentored wildlife and hunting activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

To help uphold hunting for future generations, today’s youth must be provided quality hunting experiences. There are many volunteer opportunities for you to participate in the Youth Hunting Program.


  • Can be trained by FWC to become a HuntMaster, which is an individual who organizes and conducts an outdoor educational event
  • Oversee firearm instruction and supervise shooting ranges
  • Conduct hunter education and other educational activities
  • Serve as hunting guides
  • Provide medical expertise
  • Serve as cooks
  • Provide written articles and take photographs

How to sign up

To sign up as a Youth Hunting Program of Florida Volunteer, complete the Youth Hunting Program of Florida Application PDF(107KB) and mail to:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Hunter Safety and Public Shooting Ranges Section
620 South Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
(850) 413-0085

More information

For more information on the hunter safety program, visit the Youth Hunting Program of Florida Web site.

Updated links re: Tom Walker Hog Hunting

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The links above are a great resource for more information on Tom Walker Hog Hunting expert and guide. For more information, read about how Tom started guiding hog hunters in southern Florida or some of the television shows he has been broadcast on such as American Hoggers.

Articles & Information on Tom Walker’s Hog Hunting

We know that you probably love to hog hunt like Tom does, so we wanted to share with you some of the best articles and videos of professional hog hunter Tom Walker. From interviews with Field & Stream, to TV shows and a variety of great hog hunting YouTube videos, we have compiled a list below of awesome links.

Do you know of something that should be included in this list? Tweet Tom @tomwalkerhog or visit


What Your Hunting Guide Wants
Bowhunting for 1,000-Pound Alligators: Tips from a South Florida Guru
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Tom Walker American Hoggers Facebook Page
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Book a Hunt with Hog Hunting Expert Tom Walker

My name is Tom Walker and I guess you could say I’m known as a hog hunting expert in Florida. I’ve been a Florida hog hunting guide for years and I’ve seen it all. I’m creating this blog to share some of the things I’ve seen, learn, experienced, and laughed at over the years.

Tom Walker and Guest Hog Hunting in Florida

Throughout the coming weeks, I will go over many tips and tricks, how-to’s and better-not-do’s. I’ll review plenty of products, ideas, and plenty of other hog and alligator hunting related information.

I’m looking forward to building this blog into a resource for Florida hog hunting enthusiasts, experts, and beginners alike. Check back soon! And subscribe to my blog!

You can also request to book a hunt with me at http://www.tomwalkersoutdooradventures.com/


Hog Hunting Guide in Southern Florida

From pretty faces to professional sports players and first time hunters, Tom Walker the hog hunting guide in Southwest Florida has helped many through the dangerous woods and fields of wild land stretching for 60 miles around the Sarasota area. He’s familiar with the layout of the land and can navigate well in the dark through most of it. It’s hunting Florida hogs that has consumed him for the past decade, and taking hunters on the adventures have become a large focus for Tom lately – when he has time to take a group out.
When Field and Stream did an article on Tom Walker they called him the south Florida guru. He was bowhunting for 1,000 pound alligators.  “One trick I use a lot is to cruise up to them with the outboard,” Walker says. “They’re used to just sitting there when fishermen run by them on plane” says Tom, as he scoots across the open water before dusk. “I shine the light above them so I can barely see them,” he says. “As soon as we’re in range, I hit them with the beam.”

unnamed (8)
Crew of Alligator Hunters guided by Hog Boss Tom Walker

You wouldn’t expect the 6’4 250+ pound hunter to be such an easygoing guy when you watch Tom Walker on American Hoggers with his 44 mag and his hunting dogs wild hogs through the sunshine state, but as with most things in southern Florida, you can be surprised. Tom took our crew out and really showed us the layout of the land and where he expected the hogs would show up the night after we bagged a handful of alligators. We were dressed for the weather and had confidence we would be seeing some wild boar that evening. Within an hour of sitting in the blind, a big momma hog came up the lane and it didn’t take long for my son to get the pig in his scope and his finger on the trigger. Bang. The gun let out a loud thunder that seemed to quiet the hot Florida air for a few moments. Ol’ momma hog didn’t run far, maybe a few steps and she was down for the count. The rest of the crew had similar results and our guides chopped and packaged everything up in our coolers for a really fair price. Of course we also tipped them well for their services – well deserved I should add.

We hope to do a charity hunt with Tom Walker in the near future. Some guys from our church were talking about doing something along those lines and it would probably be good if Tom were there as well. He’s well known in the hunting industry and can probably help bring some attention to the matter. Send a message to Tom @tomwalkerhog via Twitter or visit Tom Walkers Outdoor Adventures to contact Tom and inquire on booking a hunt.

Tom Walker is a hog hunting expert and TV personality that has been featured on shows such as A&E’s American Hoggers. 

Tom Walker Hog Hunting Expert


unnamed (20)
Tom Walker Hog Hunting Expert with Guests 

Tom Walker is well known in southern Florida and throughout the country when it comes to hog hunting. Born to hunt, Tom can be found in many places – stomping through the thick brush of southern Florida, in the ocean guiding local fishermen, or on TV on shows such as A&E’s American Hoggers. He has carved out his spot in the outdoors world and he has earned every step of the way.

Tom wasn’t always associated with the wild boar of Florida. Born in Michigan, he is a proud midwestern Christian who found his calling when taking trips to Florida years ago to hunt the elusive wild Florida hog. He started attracting attention when he proved to be a master in the Florida bush. Landowners and hunters alike were calling Tom to help them get the hogs off of their land.

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Eventually the folks at A&E and other major network channels heard about Tom Walker and his hog hunting adventures of southern Florida. They asked Tom if he would consider being on the show American Hoggers. He decided it would be a good thing to share his love of wild hog hunting. The show took off and he started getting even more attention from people throughout the country.

Nowadays Tom is still hunting trophy boar in Southwest Florida. He is also busy with producers and television networks with capturing more of the skill he has honed after all of these years. His official website, Tom Walker’s Hog Hunting website ‘Tom Walker’s Outdoor Adventures’ shows a lot of recent pictures of happy hog hunters at a ranch in FL. He also takes hunters on wild alligator hunting excursions, capturing some of the largest predators found in the southern United States. Contact Tom Walker and learn how you can book your hunt with him this season. There are plenty of hogs still running around Florida.